Ритуальные услуги в России, Баку, Украина
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    We understand that the bodies of all deceased people are different,

    as each person is unique and the situation in each family is different!

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About us

Everybody knows that funeral ceremonies are one of the national customs of our people and its organization is implemented at the highest level thanks to the experience gathered over the years by our company. Operating since 2010, along with supply of services in Azerbaijan, our company also cooperates with the CIS and other countries. The main goal of launching the web project is supporting our compatriots on such a difficult day. We will deliver the body of the deceased person to the address you specified in the land at low cost and organize a high-level funeral and memorial ceremony. We can also carry out the registration of foreign citizens died in Azerbaijan and sending them to their homeland. Our prices are low and the quality of services is high. Maintenance of dead bodies and funeral services are affordable for every budget in Baku

Agents and craftsmen team of the company

The irreversible event happened and as it always happens suddenly and unexpectedly, no one can be prepared for it in advance. In such a difficult moment our team having long-term experience will provide you with comprehensive assistance sharing your grief. We don’t only organize a high-quality ritual ceremony, but also relieve you from unnecessary expenses.

Ritual houses

The arrangement of the funeral ceremony in the ritual houses located near your dwelling place is at a high level. Our prices vary depending on the menu.

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Funeral arrangements funeral car

Our service is one of the best in this field. Besides the funeral arrangements, we provide all additional services needed at the funeral. Transportation of the corpses from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and other countries to Azerbaijan and delivering them to their families. To get acquainted with all our services, you can go to the services section

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Why us?

If you want to be completely sure that the funeral ceremony will be held at the highest level, appealing to our company will be the right decision. As well, the consultants of our company will answer all your questions regarding the documentation.

We believe that being sensitive to the bereaved person is one of the most important factors.


Good service based on many years of experience

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Last Burials

The first things to do in the event of a person's death include calling an ambulance (103), obtaining a certificate, ordering a funeral transport, ablution, preparing the grave site, calling mullah.

How it work?

01 Select service
02 Wait for a call
03 Talk to an agent

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Funeral Services

Leave us a message using the form. We will contact you back as soon as possible and make the whole place for you.